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5 reasons to go to the movies this weekend.

1. ‘Paranormal Activity 3’  

“Catfish” director Henry Joost takes on the third installment of this horror series, showing haunted lady Katie’s first experiences with supernatural entities back in 1988.

2. ‘The Three Musketeers’  

Orlando Bloom stars in the newest take on what we enjoy most when it’s chocolate-covered nougat.

3. ‘Margin Call’

Did you not exactly wrap your head around the fiscal meltdown of September 2008? Well, this finance

thriller, if we can call it that, aims to explain it with a stellar cast including Kevin Spacey, Demi Moore and Zachary Quinto.

4. ‘Johnny English Reborn’ 

Mr. Bean may be lost and gone forever, but Rowan Atkinson returns with a special agent for MI7, whose cluelessness just happens to be one of his best tools for saving the day.

5. ‘Footloose’ 

The 1980s classic starring Kevin Bacon gets an update. Yes, dancing is still banned in an entire town, but director Craig Brewer’s take on what could’ve been even worse than “Step Up 3D” is much smarter than it looks.

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