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5 signs of depression to look out for

The conversation around depression has become more visible in the mainstream lately with many tragic events occurring in the public eye. While the argument on how to treat those with mental illnesses has come to a fervor, one thing that we can all agree on is that we should all be aware of the signs of depression so that we can get our loved ones the help they desperately need. Here are five signs of depression that you should look out for. 

5 signs of depression to look out for

signs of depression

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Signs of depression – Sadness 

You might be thinking to yourself that this would be the most obvious sign of depression out there. But for those in the throws of this mental illness, they might not have a grasp on how blue they truly are. This sadness can come out in the form of guilt and self loathing where the person feels like they are worthless or weak. 

Signs of depression – Lethargy 

One of the most glaring signs of depression can be a person’s lack of motivation and overall lethargic nature. This can cause someone to give up on things like their social life, pursuing their hobbies or advancing their career, and even a loss in their sex drive. Basically, if this person has lost their creative spark or drive to go after something, it could be an indication or a sign of depression.  

Signs of depression – Irritability 

On the other end of the spectrum, if someone who is easily  outwardly bothered by day to day activities it may also be a telling symptom of this mental illness. Irritability is generally more of a sign of depression amongst men as they are trying to work out the pain that they are feeling in an aggressive way but can also be found with women as well. 

Signs of depression – Physical aches, pains and exhaustion

One of the most peculiar signs of depression can be found with an increased amount of lingering headaches and random aches and pains in different points of the body that do not go away after receiving medical attention. Another physical side effect can be a complete and almost paralyzing exhaustion. This can cause someone to feel tired all day long and not want to get out of bed. 

Signs of depression – Wild change of appetite 

Another sign of depression is a wild change in appetite from either an extreme aversion or an overindulgence in food. You can generally see signs of this taking place if the person has a large fluctuation in weight in a short amount of time. 

Where to find help

If you or a loved one is showing these signs of depression and may be a danger to themselves, please contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.  

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