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5 things to do in Boston this weekend

5 things to do in Boston this weekend
DL Anderson

It may not be a holiday weekend, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do in Boston in this pre-holiday weekend. Here are our picks.


‘Wild Strawberries’

Thursday, 5:30 p.m., 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

Brattle Theater

40 Brattle St., Cambridge

$9-$11, 617-876-6837


This 1957 film by Ingmar Bergman focuses on a single man, retired bacteriologist Isak Borg, as his approaching death forces him to make peace with himself—no, he doesn’t play chess with the Grim Reaper—you’re thinking of a different movie. Instead, he picks up a series of hitchhikers on a long car ride, each prompting a flashback to his past.


Ghost Train Orchestra

Wednesday, 7:30 p.m.

Museum of Fine Arts

465 Huntington Ave., Boston

$30, 800-440-6975


This jazz orchestra draws inspiration from the sound of late 1920’s hot jazz from Harlem and Chicago. Now based in Brooklyn, it got its start in 2006 at Arlington’s Regent Theater. Bandleader Brian Carpenter culls the music from old 78 RPM records, transcribing and rearranging it with an avant-garde edge. They’ve been featured on the public radio programs “Fresh Air” and “Radiolab”.


The Good Parts of Being Alive

Friday and Saturday

Mills Gallery

551 Tremont St., Boston

$15, 617-426-5000


Dancer Anna Reyes and filmmaker Tamara Al-Mashouk collaborated on this multimedia project inspired by the work of artist Egon Schiele, and taking as its theme the way outside forces influence a romantic relationship. This performance will include live dance from Reyes as well as video; audience members will be free to walk around the gallery, viewing from multiple angles.


Christine Flynn: Coast to Coast

Through Sunday

Gold Gallery

655 Tremont St., Boston

Free, 857-239-8972


Working with photographs that she alters using mixed media, Christine Flynn evokes the misty, sun-bleached romance of the seashore, taking images from the east and west coasts. The image seem to be about how we see as much as what we see. “I am drawn to the obvious, to the everyday,” she writes, “to the natural beauty and sometimes harsh reality that surrounds us.”


One-Man Star Wars Trilogy

Friday and Saturday

Regent Theater

7 Medford St., Arlington

$23-$38, 781-646-4849


The intrepid Charlie Ross has been performing the “One-Man Star Wars Trilogy” for more than a decade now, and as the release of Episode VII approaches, it might be the perfect refresher—it’ll definitely be the funniest one. In case you’re wondering, no, he still hasn’t touched the prequels—what do you think this is, amateur hour?

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