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5 things you need to know about Salem’s Alternative Therapies Group

Alternative Therapies Group
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If the ghosts, goblins and ghouls of Salem weren’t already freaking you out, now there’s another way to get paranoid in Witch City. Alternative Therapies Group, the third dispensary to offer recreational marijuana in Massachusetts, opened its doors to the public Saturday, reportedly seeing over 80 people waiting in line as its first customers. It’s the first recreational dispensary to open in the Greater Boston area, and, if you’re as excited as we are, here’s some tips to making your first visit go as smoothly as possible.

How to set up an appointment at Alternative Therapies Group

Eager to avoid the long lines that accompanied openings at the state’s other two recreational dispensaries, ATG’s recreational customers will first need to secure an appointment through the store’s website. At the time of publication, the store was fully booked and no longer accepting new appointments, though this should change as the immediate surge for demand dies down.

Once you’ve scheduled a time, make sure you bring along a print-out of your confirmation email, as well as a government-issued ID demonstrating you’re over 21 years old. Medical patients, on the other hand, face no such restrictions, and can visit the dispensary without an appointment on an as-needed basis.

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How to get to Alternative Therapies Group

ATG is the first recreational dispensary in Massachusetts accessible by T – about a 20 minute walk from the Salem commuter rail stop. The store also offers free shuttle service to and from the station, about a five minute drive each way.

There is also a designated parking area along Harmony Grove Road, as well as another parking facility at 297 Bridge Street. Customers can take a free shuttle from the Bridge Street parking location, too.

The website warns that customers “should expect to be ticketed or towed” if they park anywhere other than the designated areas. Registered medical patients, as well as those with a handicap plate, may park at the facility’s on-site parking lot.

What’s on the Alternative Therapies Group menu?

So, you have your appointment, parked in a designated spot and made your ways through the door. What kinds of goodies can you expect to get your hands on?

The shop touts four strains of flower on its website: Catatonic, a high-CBD hybrid strain for those seeking to treat pain or other ailments without much intoxicating effects; Captain’s Cake, a sweet-tasting indica; Star Pupil, a indica-dominant hybrid good for relaxation and stomach/muscle problems; and one-gram pre-rolls of White Widow, a citrusy hybrid with balanced intoxicating effects. All tout relatively high levels of cannabinoids (20 to 26 percent).

Prices range from $47 for 3.5 grams to $350 to a full ounce (not including taxes). Pre-rolls cost $15.

The shop also offers a range of concentrates, oils and extracts, including half-gram and full-gram cartridges that range from $60 to $100. You can also score a gram of hybrid kief for $25 – not bad!

While the menu does contain a few edibles and tinctures, due to the state’s strange regulations, these are only available to medical customers for now.

Is Alternative Therapies Group hiring?

Yes! ATG lists a few openings at their location on their website, including roles for a patient provisioning specialist, cultivation specialist and assistant manager.

What are the hours for Alternative Therapies Group?

Alternative Therapies Group is located at 50 Grove St. in Salem, open daily from 9 a.m. to 6:45 p.m. For more information, you can call the dispensary at 978-594-5728 or visit its website at atgma.org.

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