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5 tips for parking in Boston during a snow emergency

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If you fail to move your car during a snow emergency, be prepared for double trouble: Boston will ticket and tow your car to make way for plows.

Parking in Boston can be enough of a nightmare sans snow, so Metro has a few tips to help you figure out where to stash your car during the blizzard.

Here’s where to park your car during a snow emergency in Boston:

  • Parking is banned on almost 300 streets citywide during snow emergencies. Find out which ones at boston.gov;
  • There are 39 parking lots and garages scattered throughout the city where you can park for free during snow emergencies. Some are neighborhood-specific, but others will accepts any Boston parking pass;
  • Want to avoid cleaning off your car post-blizzard? Dozens more garages offer discounted rates from $2 to $25 for any 24-hour period during a snow emergency;
  • If you’re lucky enough to find a street spot elsewhere, you can stake claim using a space saver for48 hours after the city ends the snow emergency;
  • Want to avoid a ticket?Make sure to park cars at least 20 feet away from intersections and no more than one foot from the curb. Oh, and don’t block any sidewalks, fire hydrants, ramps or driveways.

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