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5 tips for safe driving in the rain

It's not all sunny skies ahead. It’s not all sunny skies ahead.

While it may be a relief not to have to navigate through the snow anymore, driving in the rain comes with its own challenges. Check out these safe driving tips from C&J Tire Service to become a better rainy weather driver.

1. Feeling Out of Touch? – Is the steering looser than normal? Are you sliding when you brake? If so, your tires could be losing their grip and you might be hydroplaning. Best to reduce your speed.

2. Losing Speed? – If you’re pushing the accelerator and not going faster or slowing down while consistently holding the accelerator, you’re likely losing traction. It’s time to ease off the gas and resume a slower, safer speed.

3. Cautious from the Start – It doesn’t have to be raining for long to compromise traction. When the first rain falls, the water can mix with oil and dust to create a slick surface. Slow down as soon as it begins to rain.

4. Seeing the Whole Picture – To properly inspect your tires for traction, turn the wheel so you can see the whole tire. The tread could be worn on the inside. If you just look at the side, you might not catch a trouble spot.

5. Two on the Back – If you can only replace two tires, replace the most worn tires and put the new ones on the rear. The back two tires are most critical for keeping the car going in a straight line to avoid fishtailing.

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