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5 ways to show the Earth some love

From the out-of-season flowers to the elaborate stationary, your happy day isn’t so happy for the environment. But whether you go all-out green or just opt for a couple eco-conscious details, Kate L. Harrison, author of “The Green Bride Guide,” says it’s not hard to make a difference.

1. The flowers

If the flowers you want aren’t growing on the East Coast right now, go local. For an energy efficient fix, Harrison suggests opting for less traditional, but just as stunning, arrangements, such as blooming branches, evergreens and pine cones. “One thing you can do that’s really easy is used potted plants,” she says. “Then give them to your guests as gifts.”

2. The dress

“Most wedding gowns are made from synthetic material,” says Harrison. “If you can choose a designer using organic cotton, that’s most sustainable.”

Bonus points: Donate it afterwards to Brides Against Breast Cancer.

The favors Guests weren’t satisfied with that potted plant? Instead of favors, Harrison offset her guests’ travel and carbon footprint for her own wedding, and suggests organic chocolate or seed packets as other favors.

3. The food

“The whole way our food system is constructed, most of the food you serve will be out of season and shipped from overseas,” says Harrison. Even if you don’t go for an all-local, all-organic menu and caterer, try to think seasonally for the dishes.

4. The registry

You don’t have to register for a bunch of new stuff you don’t need — sites such as IDoFoundation.org can help you register for charities you support.

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