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5 words that could be in the Oxford English Dictionary next year

TheOxford English Dictionary recently added “meh,” “twerk” and “selfie” to its compendium of words in the English language.

According to officials at the Oxford English Dictionary, “twerk” has been used in the English language since 1820.

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“Researchers found the word, one of 500 new dictionary entries, was first used in 1820, spelled ‘twirk,’ to refer to a twisting or jerking movement or twitch,” theBBCreported. “The verb is believed to have emerged later in 1848 and the twerk spelling was used by 1901.”In light of these recent additions, Metro has compiled a list of some suggestions for next year:

1.On Fleek:A state of perfection. Used to describe something that is well done or particularly great.

“Your eyebrows are on fleek!”

The first recorded use of “on fleek” was byVine star Peaches Monroe.

2.Yas:A variation of “yes” used to give affirmation, show support.
“Yas, queen! Work!”

3.Bae:A term of endearment often used for a person one has a romantic and or sexual relationship with.
“Bae is picking me up after work today.”
4.Turnt:Often used to describe a state of being often interchangebale with “drunk,” “high,” or “f–ed up.”
“We got so turnt last night at the club”
5.Fuccboi:a. A person, often a young man, who dresses in a ultra-trendy or fashionable way. Fuccbois are often compared to Kanye West.
b. Someone you hate or dislike.
“Ew look at that fuccboi over there.”

c. A bad person.

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