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50 Cent and Ja Rule feud back on after Fiddy’s lousy first pitch at Mets game

The door is officially open for a Ja Rule comeback after his longtime rival, 50 Cent, became the butt of all online jokes Wednesday due to his extremely wild first pitch at a Mets game Tuesday night (video above).

While Ja Rule has openly admitted that he lost his feud with Fiddy, as he is currently relegated to touring in places like the House of Blues in Boston in front of tens and (on a good night) hundreds of women in their late 30s looking for a night away from the baby and hubby, this is his chance to strike.

Ja Rule (@RuleYork) stoked the flames on the mostly dormant rivalry Tuesday night when he re-tweeted ESPN columnist Jemele Hill’s comments about Fiddy’s horrendous offering:

50 Cent has accused plenty of rappers of being “less than a man” in the past – he questioned the sexuality of Rick Ross and Puff Daddy in March – but here’s guessing both of them could spin a better curveball.

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