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6 dance classes to make exercise fun again

As the days get shorter, getting motivated to exercise is harder than ever. We’ve rounded up six classes that promise to both get you moving in ways you’ll be excited to go back to again and again, and are diverse as New York City itself.

Bollywood Funk

Channel your inner Bollywood superstar as lead instructor Ayesha Khanna leads you through choreographed routines to India’s latest hit songs. Bollywood Funk fuses hip-hop and Indian classical dance to create numbers that are both memorable and athletic. $99 for five classes, bollywoodfunknyc.com


Get ready to sweat as you move to the beat of Jamaican dance hall music and other Caribbean-inspired hits. Brukwine focuses on strengthening your waist, legs and core while also leading students through a highly aerobic workout that’s “fun, energetic and sexy,” says co-founder Autavia (Tavia) Bailey. $20/class or $90 for five classes, brukwine.com

Capoeira Guanabara

Created in the 1600s by enslaved Africans in Brazil, capoeira is a unique art form which combines martial arts, dance and acrobatics. Students typically burn 1,000 calories over the course of the two-hour class at Capoeira Guanabara, while also learning self-defense skills. The classes end on a relaxing note with a freestyle “roda,” a capoeira circle accompanied by live music. $120 for eight classes, capoeiraguanabaranewyork.com

Banana Skirt

Dance away the winter blues while channelling the Bronx’s own Jennifer Lopez atBanana Skirt’s popular high-impact aerobic dance class. Instructors lead students through choreography set to artists like JLo, Rihanna and Beyonce in a body-positive and fun environment.$25/class,bananaskirt.net


Intricate steps and hand gestures are crucial elements of the Indian classic dance form Bharatanatyam. At theNavatman School, students will learn about body positioning and the names and stories behind the steps they do. (It’s a much harder workout than it looks!)$250-$360 for the semester (first trial class is free),navatman.org


Students new to bachata, a Dominican partner dance, can immerse themselves in the steps and rhythms of its unique accompanying music style inPiel Canela New York Center for the Arts’ six-week beginner class. Things really get going at the end of the class cycle, when everyone shows off their moves at a practice party at a local club.$20/class or $200 for 10 classes, Pearl Studios: 500 Eighth Ave., 12 Floor;pielcaneladancers.com