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6 gadgets that will make you sleep like a baby

The benefits of getting a good night sleep are well known. But in thistechnological era, gadgets are not usually the best option, when bedtime arrives. However, some developers have recently launched new gizmos that are set to help us relax and have sweet dreams. Metro rounds up the best apps and gadgets that will make you sleep like a baby.


Neuroon is a wearable device that combines advanced brain wave and pulse measurement technology with a comfortable sleeping mask commonly used in air travel. Using built-in biometric sensors, the Neuroon system analyzes the user’s sleep architecture, calculates its efficiency score, and offers optimization advice. In addition, Neuroon uses the so-called Bright Light Therapy, a technology that can alleviate jet lag, improve sleep efficiency, and help the user to fall asleep faster.


Sense is a is a simple system in the form of a ball that tracks your sleep behavior, monitors the environment of your bedroom and reinvents the alarm. This system works while located next to your bed. The tiny “pill” sensor attached to the pillowcase monitors your sleep and sends the information directly to your smartphone.


Audio is a perfect escape from dreamless night. The sleep-aiding audio technology of a Kokoon headphone helps you rest and focus. It adapts to you and your environment, quietening as you fall asleep, reacting to the sounds around you and learning what helps you to relax.

Chorona pillow

Chrona is a thin memory foam insert that tracks and optimizes sleep using sound. The device turns your pillow into a smart one, bringing greater comfort and benefits of emerging sleep research to your bed. This device actively enhances the quality of sleep by playing different frequency sounds specific to where you are in your sleep cycle.

Oura ring

When it comes to monitoring your sleep patterns, wrist-band wearables perhaps aren’t the most comfortable. But now a Finnish startup has developed a ring-like device that promises to be a bit more discreet. The Oura ring operates as a sleep monitor, activity tracker, and heart rate monitor, as well as an oximeter to measure blood-volume pulse.

Balluga bed

If you turn around all night long, this new ‘smart’ bed could just have you drifting off into the land of nod. A British start-up company has created Belluga, an interactive bed that contours to your body shape. It is able to combat backache and snoring partners. The bed can be controlled by a smartphone.

-Daniel Casillas

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