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6 gadgets to make music in a new way

There are many ways to make music. However simple instruments like guitars and pianos could probably become a thing of the past, as the latest technology is overtaking the market.


This amazing gadget creates music without even needing to touch it. Airpiano is a new musical interface that allows artists to interact with it using hand movements over the instrument’s sensors. The device’s hardware doesn’t produce any sounds. It communicates with a special software on your PC or Mac, so when you trigger a key or a fader in the air, it registers your actions and sends messages out accordingly.


The Misa Kitara’sinterface is designed to easily and intuitively control digital audio. This device combines the use of touch buttons for strings and frets with an 8 inch multi-touch screen, so users are able to control sound and parameters via this display.


Phonotonic is a wearable that turns all your moves into melody. Its special sensor communicates via Bluetooth with a smartphone app and measures every action you make. Then it transforms this data into music in real time.


Drum in the air with Aerodrums. It is a gadget that allows you to make powerful and rhythmic music without even using a kit. Aerodrums are portable and silent when headphones are connected. The device is capable of outputting melodies in MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) format.


Making real music using just your body is not a problem with Drumpants, a wearable that is completely portablenaturaland fun. You can tap out any beat or melody directly on your body and listen to the music generated by the device located under your clothes.


If you love music and want to play multiple instruments, this gadget is for you. Artiphon is a device that sounds like aguitar, piano, drum pad, synthesizerand many other instruments. By connecting it to smartphones, tabletsand computers, people of all skill levels can make melodies with and always-expanding palette of sounds.

-Daniel Casillas

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