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6 practical tips for a fun and safe Color Run

color run unicorn 5k starting line race The Color Run is not a race, so don’t feel like you have to train like other 5Ks.
Credit: The Color Run

This weekend won’t just be red, white and blue when The Color Run comes to Brooklyn.

Despite its name, the 5K event is less a competition and more a chance to take the silliest walk of your life. Instead of getting covered in mud or (hopefully not) rain, runners will emerge from the race course wearing all the colors of the rainbow from powders applied along the way.

The course ends with a Finish Festival of music and dancing. The event is so popular that organizers added a second date after Saturday’s run sold out; Sunday tickets are still available ($60). Register here.

Here are six tips to make the most of your Color Run:

1. Protect your eyes. Swim goggles, sunglasses, laboratory protective eyewear, whatever it takes — you don’t want dyed dust to get in your eyes. Also, the dust may take some scrubbing to remove, so if you’ve got a business meeting the next day, consider wearing gloves or a hat.

2. Sweat makes the colored dusts run and melt together. Your registration kit includes a headband, so use it!

3. Wear light colors for maximum effect — and don’t expect to reuse the clothes you run in. Your registration fee includes a mostly white T-shirt; wear that. And if you’re driving to the event, have a change of clothes on hand for the ride home.

4. The powders are applied by volunteers with some precision, but colorful clouds still happen and can cause problems with your electronics. If your smartphone case isn’t water-resistant, keep it in a waterproof Ziploc bag or pouch, then take photos after finishing the race and washing your hands.

5. Hold your breath through the color stations, or bring a bandana to wrap around your face. Just because it’s fun dust doesn’t make it easier to breathe! And unless you want your teeth and tongue to be multicolored, keep your mouth closed, too.

6. Young children and strollers are allowed at the event, and walking participants are common. Get there early to be among the first waves if you want to run, otherwise enjoy a colorful stroll.

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