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6 reasons why orgasms are great, and you should have them more often

The great things about orgasms are you can get them any way you want. This itself should be enough motivation to orgasm more. Feeling like being a lone wolf? Howl at the moon all you want, my friend. Feel like diving into a bucket of meat? Splish-splash, stranger!

Whether you’re social creature or a misanthrope, you can have your orgasm.

You might want to reconsider the whole “Not tonight, dear. I have a headache” excuse next time your partner is locked, loaded and ready to go. Turns out that orgasms can help get rid of all sorts of pain including headaches. A study at theUniversity of Munster in Germanyfound that 60% of patients in the study who had sex while suffering from a headache felt relief from their migraine.

A ton of chemicals are released in the body when one has an orgasm including Oxytocin (the famous love hormone) and Vasopressin, both of which relax the body and may even make you sleepy. In addition orgasms have been shown to reduce blood pressure in women.

There is a theory that because orgasms trigger cervical and uterine contractions more sperm is likely to be retained in the uterus. This theory though has come under fire for a lack significant clinical research around it.

Studies have shown that men who achieve orgasm often are less prone to developing the second leading cause of death for men. According toMensJournal.com,“prostate cancer rates have been proven to directly correlate to the frequency of ejaculation. Scientists say ejaculating at least four times a week can reduce one’s risk by up to 30 percent.”

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