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6 times the NYC struggle was real, as told in Roz Chast cartoons

Unbroken Dreams 2012
Roz Chast, photo by Eva Kis

As a lifelong resident of the city she’s made a career of lovingly lampooning, Roz Chast has had a lot of practice with balancing the ironies of NYC.

The Brooklyn cartoonist, who’s been drawing for The New Yorker since 1978, is getting a retrospective at the Museum of the City of New York beginning April 18, and we got a sneak peek at all the over 200 worksthat have made her a beloved fixture among the critics of life in this smelly, always-delayed city that has its own gravity.

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We found some of her best cartoons that got just a little too real.

If it’s not your roommates or partying neighbors keeping you awake, it’s everything else that could go wrong every minute of every day in NYC.

We’re all convinced of our own theories about why the world is ending. Can’t you SEE?!

The subway: We live by it, but more often die waiting for it.

We try to pretend we’ve got chill, but in reality the only way to get by in this city is to take everything as seriously as possible.

Whatever gets you up in the morning – no judgment.

Our goals are big – and also very, very small.

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