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6 Ways to simplify your hectic life

1 Remove coffee and tea stains from cups by rubbing them with a salted lemon peel. “Real Simple” considers salt and lemon to be “multitaskers.”

2 With the holidays soon approaching, use a paper shredder to dress up presents. Shred tissue paper to use as filler for gift bags. And, instead of throwing away used holiday gift wrap, recycle it. Shred it and use it to cushion decorations until next year.

3 A hairdryer is a great way to remove price stickers without chipping your nails. A shot of hot air quickly loosens a label.

4 Spread Epsom salts to fertilize your houseplants. Encourage green growth by watering with a solution of two tablespoons salt to one gallon water once a month. You can also use Epsom to remove grease from your hair: Add one tablespoon of salt to one cup of water and massage into hair. Rinse well.

5 Dryer sheets are great for banishing bad smells. A sheet at the bottom of a gym bag helps control odors. You can also use a scented dryer sheet in place of a sachet in a drawer. And a dryer sheet inside shoes will help them smell fresher.

6 Cork makes a great pin cushion. Just stick in needles and pins, then wrap it with a few lengths of thread.

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