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62 arrested in Times Square climate change protest

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On Thursday morning, a massive climate change protest took place in New York City’s Times Square. Sixty-two demonstrators have been arrested for civil disobedience so far, ABC reports. 

It was reported that the protest started right before 10 a.m., forcing the closure of the intersections at Broadway and 46th street as well as Seventh Avenue and 44th street.

The protestors were wearing life jackets, and in their midst was a green boat, which dropped an anchor reading, “Act Now.” It has been reported that the protestors were wearing the logo of the activist group Extinction Rebellion. 

Earlier this week, the same group doused Wall Street’s iconic bull statue with red paint.

ABC reported that the protest was peaceful, and police were able to disperse the large crowd.

Right before noon, police pulled the boat away, the protestors left, and the traffic started up again. 

New York City is not the only city hosting protests by Extinction Rebellion. Cities across the world — from Sydney to Berlin  are also staging their own events. 

Reuters reported that in London, 471 people have been arrested in the past couple of days as a result of the Extinction Rebellion protests. 

It is not clear how President Trump feels about the Extinction Rebellion, but UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the protestors “uncooperative crusties.”

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