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64 Benton uniquely caters to the downtown resident

Keeping a modern style while maintaining comfort is a challenge, but 64 Benton proves that often just enough of both can be just right.

Located in downtown Kitchener, 64 Benton Condominium takes the concept of hassle-free living seriously with affordable units meant for singles or couples who want the downtown lifestyle without having to pay an arm and a leg — or sacrificing their sense of style.

Lana Sherman, 64 Benton’s designer, says with all the new condo developments in the area catering to urban locals and Toronto commuters alike, the very fabric of the city is changing quickly and 64 Benton taps into that tangible sense of urban chic. Units in the building are all standardized at 600 square feet and one bedroom and start at just $99,900 despite a central downtown location.

“It’s completely catering to a downtown resident, someone who wants to be in an urban environment and doesn’t have a lot of stuff or need a lot of closet space but wants to be in the thick of it all,” Sherman said.

Unique amenities include a personal concierge, free Internet, free grocery deliveries and even free morning coffee while units themselves — all built to a standard 600 square-foot, one bedroom size — all feature wood laminate floors and dark wood kitchen cabinetry. Sherman placed an emphasis on neutral tones punched up with splashes of light colour to create a look that invites and inspires.

“We picked fairly neutral background colours with a hint of lighter colours like blue and there are nice, clean lines everywhere. The idea is that you come in and definitely feel like you’re in a modern environment but it still feels very inviting,” she said.

Leather couches were crucial to complete the look, Sherman says, because they offer comfort without sacrificing elegance.

“We’re trying to come up with a look that is cosy without feeling old, which is why we used leather. We don’t want it to feel too coldly modern but not too passé either,” she said.

Sherman hopes the space feels like an instant oasis of peace.

“I think you feel a sense of decompression as you walk it, it’s very relaxing. Ultimately you want to have a place of Zen away from the hustle and bustle of living downtown,” she said.

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