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7 things we can expect from Miley Cyrus on ‘The Voice’

For the Season 10 knockout round, coaches Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton were joined by superstar advisor Miley Cyrus. Early on in the season, NBC also announced that Miley will be joining Season 11 of “The Voice” as a coach.

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After starting out as a country singer and Disney actress, Miley made it in the industry as a pop artist, so she can relate to many different music genres. Having now seen her advise all four teams in the knockouts, we got a pretty good glimpse of what it will be like having Miley as a coach on the show.

Here are seven things we can expect from Miley Cyrus on “The Voice”:

1) Flashy outfits

Miley took the Voice stage last week sporting some of the most creative apparel we’ve ever seen. She rocked a fluffy lavender coat with the words “FAKE” across the back, a colorful paint-splattered ensemble, and a sparkling blue jumpsuit. She also wore an all-American jean jacket and bellbottoms, and the most epic of them all: the polka dot, heart-shaped tube top with rainbow parachute pants.
2) Playful humor

Getting to see Miley on camera in a more casual setting really allowed her fun-loving light-heartened personality to shine. She joked with Blake about really being on the show for his team while just pretending to help the others. She also teased about having “Team Adam” tattooed on her shoulder. And when Moushimi from Team Pharrell opened up about how she went against her parent’s wishes to pursue music, Miley responded with, “That’s my whole entire life!”

3)Absolute positivity

As with all of the coaches, Miley has a deep sense of joy and appreciation for being able to help evolving artists and she certainly expressed it. She clapped for the singers during rehearsals and gave nothing less than positive feedback and valuable criticism. She told Hannah Huston she wanted to be her background singer and threw her rad lavender coat across the floor to sing along with Lacy Mandigo.

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Showing off her range

Miley didn’t just tell the artists what she wanted to from them, she set the example. While showing Paxton Ingram from Team Blake where to really stretch those high notes, she belted the chorus to “Hometown Glory.” She also showed off her potent country roots when helping Peyton Parker sing “Traveling Solider.”


Great vocal advice

While advising Paxton in rehearsals, Miley complimented his powerful low-note ending saying, “Most people try to make the higher notes the star of the show when I think a lot of the time it can be the low notes because not a lot of people can actually hit them.” After Paxton’s performance, Pharrell commented on just how impressive those low notes were and how much of an impact they had.

6)A strong stage presence

Miley helped Hannah Huston, the preschool teacher from Nebraska, break out of her shell and tap into her inner rock star. All four coaches were thoroughly impressed with her rocking performance in the Knockouts. She also helped Angie Kellhauer from Team Blake redo her entire arrangement.

7)One mighty team

It was clear that Miley had a blast assisting all four coaches and they valued her presence and advice as well – perhaps because she could connect to them all on various levels. While assisting Team Pharrell she wrote down all the same notes he had and was always in-step with Christina when sharing feedback to her team. So if Miley’s insights are a combination between Pharrell Williams and Christina Aguilera, then one things for sure: Team Miley will be a force to be reckoned with.

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