7 things we learned about the new ‘Twin Peaks’ series today – Metro US

7 things we learned about the new ‘Twin Peaks’ series today

7 things we learned about the new ‘Twin Peaks’ series today
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It may not be the smoothest path to production ever, but David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” revival is firmly moving forward at Showtime. David Nevins, president of Showtime, shared a few pieces of information about what’s happening with the show.

1. It starts shooting in September

Sure, Lynch briefly left the project, but it’s back on track to begin shooting next month. Which leads us to our next point.

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2. Nevins is “hoping” we get a 2016 release date

The show was initially set for a 2017 release, but since Lynch is back on board and shooting next month, Nevins said it was possible we’d get it in 2016, but he’s going to let Lynch decide when it’s ready.

3.Expect to see the faces you’re hoping for appearing

Nevins was cagey on the details, but did says fans should be “optimistic” that the actors and characters they loved in the first series will be returning (beyond just Kyle MacLachlan, of course), as well as some new faces

4. David Lynch will direct the whole thing

There won’t be the usual mix of directors you see in TV series — Lynch is set to direct the whole thing.

5. Now we know why Lynch threatened to leave

Nevins said that the disagreement stemmed from Lynch not wanting to direct the whole thing, and the length of the series. They’re now more flexible on the latter, and as we said, Lynch will be around for the whole thing, and plans to shoot it like one long movie. Nevins also said he never doubted that Lynch will return.

6. But how many episodes will there be?

The original series order called for nine, but Nevins admitted that he thought there was probably more than nine hours of story to tell, so it’ll probably be longer than that, but he wasn’t sure how much.

7. Lynch is firmly behind the wheel

Asked if he gives Lynch any notes on the whole thing, Nevins laughed and said it was more like “conversations,” than notes. Wow, we really wish we could have our own tete-a-tetes with Lynch about the deeper points of “Twin Peaks.”