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7 times Abbi and Ilana of ‘Broad City’ were just like your best friends

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Today is National Best Friends Day, and there’s no dynamic duo on TV more hilarious than Abbi and Ilana from Comedy Central’s “Broad City.”

Whether the New York City twenty-somethings try to make quick cash for a pop-up Lil Wayne show, or try to find a way to survive a birthright flight to Israel, Abbi and Ilana always come out smiling from any of their inconceivable adventures.

These two inseparable best friends always know how to have fun together, and if you’re lucky enough to have a friendship like Ilana and Abbi’s, then you’ll definitely relate to these seven moments from “Broad City” that you can’t watch without thinking about your partner-in-crime.

1. Best friends bring out the crazy side in each other — even if it’s something as simple as buying a regrettably overpriced dress for a party.

What episode?Season 1, Episode 5 — “Fattest Asses”
What went down? When Abbi is frustrated with her job as a cleaner for a high-end gym, Ilana encourages Abbi to embrace her wild side — and for Abbi, the tamer of the duo, that means buying a $438 dress with the intent of returning it after one outing. Unfortunately for Abbi, she never ends up returning the dress, so she decides to wear it as much as possible to get her money’s worth. The famous blue dress reappears throughout the three seasons of “Broad City,” a subtle reinforcement of the comedy’s relatable charm — every twenty-something has that one outfit that they wear again and again every chance they get.

2. And sometimes, best friends know each other’s wardrobe so well that they can practically imitate each other’s signature style.


What episode?Season 3, Episode 2 — “Co-Op”
What went down?What’s more Brooklyn than an overly-strict, volunteer-run food co-op? When Ilana discovers that she only has one day left to complete her volunteer hours at the food co-op where she is a member, Abbi disguises herself as Ilana so that Ilana can attend an emergency doctor’s appointment. Abbi, reserved and self-conscious, adopts Ilana’s wacky fashion sense, dressing in a sheer NYC crop-top and twerking on the walls of the co-op during her shift. Maybe Abbi exaggerated Ilana’s antics a bit, but they did almost get away with it — that is, until Abbi develops a crush on a guy from the co-op and reveals her true identity, violating the rules of the cultlike co-op. The two best friends were then banned from the co-op, so from now on, they’ll have to buy their extra-fresh produce elsewhere.

3. You spend so much time together that you start adopting each other’s speech patterns.


What episode? The entire series.
What went down? If you have ever heard someone say “Yassss!” or “Yassss, queen!” then you’re probably dealing with a “Broad City” fan. It’s one of Ilana’s many free-spirited catch phrases, which are so infectious that even Abbi can’t help but start to use them.

4. Cat-callers on the street got you down? With your best friend by your side, you can show anyone who’s boss.


What episode? Season 2, Episode 10 — “St. Marks”
What went down? Needless to say, it sucks to get cat-called — who wants to deal with random people on the street hitting on you? But Abbi and Ilana have each other’s backs any time they’re strutting through the Big Apple. When a random dude in St. Marks tells Abbi and Ilana to smile more, Abbi and Ilana, as they turn around, put up their middle fingers and feign a taunting smile. It’s a moment that will have you shouting “Yassss, queen!”

5. This one’s for the long distance best friends — in crisis, you can still be there for each other, thanks to video chat.


What episode? Season 1, Episode 1 — “What a Wonderful World”
What went down? In “Broad City’s” pilot, you can already see just how inseparable Abbi and Ilana are. When Ilana gets too drunk, her roommate Jaime videochats Abbi, since he knows she is the only one who can calm Ilana down. When you’re as attached-at-the-hip as Abbi and Ilana, even living in different apartments can seem like too much separation sometimes. When Jaime gets Abbi to talk to Ilana on videochat, Ilana simply says, “You wanna come over and hang out? We just got pizza.”

6. When you find out a piece of juicy gossip, you drop everything to tell your best friend.


What episode? Season 2, Episode 8 — “Kirk Steele”
What went down? When Ilana discovers that Abbi’s intimidating, unyielding boss has a history as a porn star, she can’t help but call Abbi right away … even though she’s in the middle of a job interview to be a nanny. When she gets off the phone, Ilana tells the mom, “I’m so sorry, I had … I had to take that.” The mom replies, “You made that call in the middle of our conversation.”

7. Most importantly, as far as friends go, quality always beats quantity.


What episode? Season 3, Episode 7 — “B&B-NYC”
What went down? Abbi and Ilana decide to rent out their rooms for extra cash on an Aibnb-knockoff website. After their tenants get the keys to Abbi and Ilana’s apartments, though, the best friends realize that they don’t have enough other close friends to crash with for the night. As expected, Abbi and Ilana still have fun together without access to their apartments and crash a high-class, VIP party.

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