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8 eco-friendly household appliances

Green home solutions
Green your home with these ecofriendly appliances. Photo: ISTOCK

Every time we connect an appliance, we consume electricity and generate an impact on the environment. But luckily, some responsible brands design products that pollute less — and save you some money on electricity bill. Here are eight of them: 

Cold bubbles

Samsung incorporates two eco-friendly technologies: ecobubble, a bubble generation system in which detergent penetrates the fabric’s fibers without the use of hot water, and the Digital Inverter Motor, which saves 40 percent of energy compared with a traditional motor.

Better ink, less pollution

HP Latex printers feature ink composed of synthetic polymer particles and pigment particles. They are eco-friendly because they do not produce harmful emissions for the ozone layer, and they don’t contain volatile organic compounds.

Responsible air conditioning

Samsung’s air conditioning systems now use energy-saving Digital Inverter technology, maintaining the desired temperature for long periods without having to switch it on and off frequently, so it consumes less electricity. 

Non-leaking screens

If you plan to buy a computer monitor, get one with LG’s In Plane Switching (IPS) technology. These have an LCD panel composed of liquid crystals that prevent leakage and loss of light, phenomena that degrades image quality and the definition of colors. In addition, it saves a lot of energy.

Microwaves that save

Daewoo microwaves feature Zer-On technology (Zero energy consumption). In standby mode, if the oven is not used for ten minutes, it will automatically enter Zero saving mode. And despite being connected to the power outlet, will not consume electricity. 

Smart headsets

The Xperia Ear is a smart headset for hands-free communication. With the digital assistant, you can read your emails, make and receive calls, among other functions. And the best thing is that it is made from SORPLAS, a recycled plastic from Sony. 

Clean refrigeration

Samsung refrigerators consume less energy thanks to the Digital Inverter Compressor, a system that varies its revolutions according to the demand of temperature. In addition, refrigeration works with R600a, an ecological gas that minimizes environmental damage. 

Green projector

Epson projectors have features that help to reduce energy consumption. Eco-mode, for example, decreases fan brightness and noise, thereby saving energy and extending the life of the lamp. 

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