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8 of the worst celebrity neighbor feuds

In the eternal words of the Notorious B.I.G.: Mo’ money, mo’ problems. At least for these celebrity neighbors, who have had some intense disagreements with the folks next door. Here are 8 of the worst celebrity neighbor feuds. Who’s the worst? That, friends, is up to you.

Justin Bieber vs Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard
In 2012, Biebs moved next door to “The Good Place” star Kristen Bell and her husband, actor Dax Shepard. Shepard compared living next to Bieber — with the “music and the parties and the paparazzi” — to living in Lebanon. Okie doke!

Justin Theroux vs Norman Resnicow
Actor Theroux filed documents in Manhattan Supreme Court this year claiming that his neighbor, Norman Resnicow, is “compulsively” harassing “The Leftovers” star in his Greenwich Village apartment. The feud has been going on with ages, with Theroux charging that Resnicow ruined his ivy, and Resnicow claiming that Theroux had neglected his dogs. Girl, I guess!

Kathy Griffin vs Jeffrey Mezger
Griffin recently turned to court to get protection from her harassing neighbor, Jeffrey Mezger, who she filed a restraining order against over in September. She alleges that Mezger went on an expletive laced rant against herself and her boyfriend, Randy Bick, after Bick called police to make a noise complaint. Oh brother!

Billy Corgan vs Eric Dane
“The Last Ship” actor Dane said in 2012 that the Smashing Pumpkins frontman ignored warnings about the instability of some trees on his land — and then one of said trees crashed through Dane’s roof, nearly killing his wife actress Rebecca Gayheart. Yikes!

Miley Cyrus vs Steve Carrell
Cyrus once recounted living next to “The Office” star Carrell by insisting he always gave her the stank eye for her irresponsible driving habits. “The other day I was trying to reverse and I almost hit a thousand things,” she said in 2013. “And I was getting nervous because I could see him [crossing his arms and sighing]. I’m like, oh my God, ‘Dan in Real Life’ is watching me right now!” Sure!

Minnie Driver vs Eddie Kaye Thomas
Not only has Driver been involved in a year-long feud with neighbor Daniel Perelmutter; but the “Speechless” actress also once live tweeted another neighbor’s drama. When “American Pie” star Eddie Kaye Thomas called the authorities after a female houseguest allegedly pulled a knife on him, Driver described the entire stand off via her Twitter page. Alrighty then!

Chris Brown vs Nick Young
Remember when Brown maybe threatened a woman in his home with a gun, and then his home was surrounded by a SWAT team and police helicopters? The Golden State Warrior made a video begging Brown to GTFO (get the f—k out, y’all!): “Chris Brown, you gotta move,” he says, choppers flying overhead. “Please, I like you, man. You my dawg… but go out away from over here… go!” Unsurprising!

Marisa Tomei’s parents vs Sean Lennon
The year? 2015. The problem? A tree. Tomei’s parents sued Lennon for $10 million, claiming that the spawn of John and Yoko let a rotting ailanthus invade their beautiful townhome — cracking their stoop, breaking their iron railings, and compromising their basement wall. Rude!


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