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8 things to know about ‘The Bachelor’ Las Vegas twins

Bachlor Twins
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Tonight’s episode is bound to be interesting. All the remaining contestants join Bachelor Ben in Sin City, which happens to be the hometown of twins Haley and Emily Ferguson.The twins will be selected for a dramatic two-on-one date, where they will be going head-to-head and heart-to-heart for Ben’s affections.

Ben can only keep one at the end of the date. Cue Chris Harrison, as this has the potential to be the most dramatic date ever.While it’s unlikely Ben will come between the sisters’ twin bond (they’ve said they’re not competitive with each other), at least one or even both will be in tears as they say goodbye to each other and as one sis continues on in the competition.So what else is there to know about these twins? What are they up to now? And just what exactly do they do for work? Because “Twins” is not a real profession, even if it’s written in Emily’s Twitter bio.

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1. They are “lifestyle bloggers.”The sisters recently launched a blog called “Blondesense” along with lifelong friend, Mace Camp, writing about fashion, beauty and baking. They’ve also created a couple makeup tutorials for YouTube. Haley and Emily also write weekly ‘Bachelor’ recaps and they share detailed shopping info about each of their outfits.

2. They are serious dog lovers. Between the two of them, they own four dachshunds and the pups make quite a few appearances on the twins’ Twitter and Instagram accounts.

3. “The Bachelor” is not their first reality TV show appearance. Emily and Haley were featured on the CMT reality series “Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team,” where they made it to the semifinals before being cut. Emily’s most embarrassing moment also stems from her cheer career, when she peed her pants from laughing so hard in front of her high school cheer team.

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4. They have one, slight physical difference.During tonight’s episode, you’ll be able to tell them apart by Emily’s broken thumb. When she served as goalie in last week’s soccer group date, Emily impressed everyone with her amazing saves and blocks. It even took her a few hours before she realized her thumb was broken!

5. They have terrible eating habits. The twins told Ben about their distaste for vegetables and love for sugar, and their social media accounts support that claim. With pictures of donuts, cinnamon rolls, candy and cake, sugar is certainly the way to their hearts.

6. Before their occupations became “Twins,” they were cocktail waitresses. Both girls worked as cocktail waitresses at the Las Vegas Marquee Nightclub in the Cosmopolitan. For Haley, it was one of the most outrageous things she’s ever done, as she doesn’t drink or party.

7. Even though they look alike, they would totally switch bodies. Emily has said she’d want to be Haley for a day, just to see if they do think the same or if they have some differences. For Haley, she’d swap bodies with her favorite celebrity, Taylor Swift. Why? “Because she’s a classy gal!”

8. They can really dance.In tonight’s episode, you’ll see the twins show off their fergalicious moves as they dance an Irish jig for a talent show. Yep, for real.

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