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888 sports betting gambling review

Here is our site review of 888Sport.com. You can bet live on the site now if you are in the state of New Jersey. Click here to bet now at 888 Sport Sportsbook. We mixed in screengrabs of the site below. Overall the site is very sharp and reads well.

888Sport.com is a new player on the New Jersey gambling scene, so I included that in my to-do review list. Once I punched in the URL and landed on the homepage, I was met with a promo that read, “BET BET BET ON 888 WITH $10 FREE | NO DEPOSIT NEEDED.”

Just like DraftKings, I was prompted to give my name, address, phone number, in addition to a username, for registration. 888 then has you run through an email verification process, which I found to be quirky and even clumsy before actually working. In fact, when it finally worked, there was a sense of relief.

As I clicked on Week 4 NFL games and was about to whip my credit card out to put on file and make a deposit, I glanced up and sure enough, $10 was listed as my current balance, courtesy of 888’s promotion.

A little house money. Sweet.

888 has an easy, intuitive feeling to it, as I peered through the list of games. Now, I should have went with that Bills-Packers game that I passed up the opportunity to bet on with DraftKings, but something told me to go with the New Orleans Saints-Giants game and ride with Big Blue. My reasoning was simple. The Giants were coming off a victory in Week 3 and the Saints defense has been porous, so I was expecting an offensive explosion from Eli Manning, Barkley and Beckham. (More on this later).

I zeroed in on a singles bet, with the Giants having +155 odds, meaning a successful $10 bet would net me a potential payout of $25.50.




I went with it and the bet was placed in seconds. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the offensive explosion from the Giants that I was expecting, as they fell to the Saints, 33-18. Still, navigating the site and its betting process was pleasurable on 888. I’d recommend giving it a try as well.

Update: 888 Sport Sportsbook in New Jersey now offers an iOS app.



Just the email verification. It’s just not smooth right now. But hopefully it improves over time. 


888sport example


Other Hiccups

The legalization of sports betting in New Jersey means more and more online options. But it doesn’t necessarily mean a smooth process. For instance, I registered with William Hill pretty quickly and even had a straight bet in mind.

But when I tried to place the bet there, the player location checking tool, which verifies that you’re in New Jersey, could just never verify my location. I watched it spin around and around to no avail. And that’s a shame because I was looking forward to that experience as well. I tried twice, too, and was unsuccessful both times. Perhaps, any lingering quirks or kinks in the system will be worked out in the near future with that tracking tool.

As far as tracking, 888Sport was good but not great. It took a bit to verify.



4 out of 5 stars

888 Sport sportsbook review

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