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9 reasons ‘Justice League’ made us very excited for the future of the DCEU, but 2 that left us worried

WARNING: There are SPOILERS ahead for Justice League, both in the above gallery and below, so please proceed cautiously. If you haven’t seen the blockbuster yet then you should click here and read my review instead, before then obviously returning to have a read later.


Seeing Batman and Wonder Woman come together to unite Aquaman, Cyborg, the Flash, and a resurrected Superman as the “Justice League” will have made even the biggest DCEU naysayer smile. Even if for just for a brief moment.


The reviews for “Justice League” suggest the common critical consensus is that the blockbuster isn’t quite as bad as the likes of “Suicide Squad” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice,” but well short of the quality of “Wonder Woman.” That’s far from my viewpoint, as I found “Justice League” to be flawed but still hugely entertaining.


What should be plainly obvious to everyone, though, regardless of whether or not you liked “Justice League,” is that it at least established a fresh foundation that the DCEU can now build off of.


There were many more reasons to be excited by “Justice League,” though. Of course there was the rollicking action and terrific interplay between its characters that made it so enjoyable, but the teases it made to the solo films for Aquaman, Cyborg, The Flash, and the future of the DCEU also chimed, too.


Even though plenty of critics aren’t behind the DCEU, the fact that its first four films have a combined gross of over $3 billion at the box office mean that audiences are still heavily invested in the franchise.


Check out the gallery above to see 9 reasons why “Justice League” amped up this excitement, 2 moments that left us concerned, and the 1 incident in the blockbuster that was just plain embarrassing.


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