What a bunch of boobs.

The New York State Athletic Commission initially pulled female fighter Pearl Gonzalez from her fight against Cynthia Calvillo this past weekend because they found out that Gonzalez had breast implants after the weigh-in. The NYSAC feared that Gonzalez could rupture one of her implants if she fought. Eventually cooler heads prevailed and Gonzalez was allowed to fight Saturday night.

“I never heard of such a thing,” Gonzalez said (via ESPN). “I put it in my paperwork [that I had implants]. I never lied about it. They asked me if I had surgery and I told them.”

The boob drama overshadowed a big win by Calvillo, who remains undefeated. Calvillo made Gonzalez tap out in the third round with a rear-naked choke. 


Above is an Instagram and Getty Images gallery of Gonzalez. Here is a link to her Instagram.

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