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A bittersweet moving day at the University of Calgary

Bittersweet for one and exciting for the other — that’s how one mother described University of Calgary move-in day yesterday.

Armed with Ikea lamps, mirrors and a van, Colette Anderson helped moved her 17-year-old daughter into the city campus all the way from Frontier, Sask. yesterday and said the experience was exciting but sad.

“I am happy for her, it’s good for her, but it’s sad for me, I’m going to miss her like most of the parents here,” she said.

“But I went to university years ago and I know it’s a very positive thing.”

Daughter Lindsey Anderson, on the other hand, was excited and looking forward to getting to know her campus and classmates, noting Frontier, Sask. only has 350 people.

“I think it’s exciting and nerve-wracking, too, but I’m really looking forward to it,” she said, adding her older sister Rochelle also goes to university.

Asked whether she would prefer to study or party, the urban studies student said she can juggle both.

“I will work when I need to work, and socialize when I can. I don’t get easily distracted.”

Many other students scrambled to move their belongings into their new homes for what could be the next four years, for some, student Andy Rollins said. “May as well start enjoying it now, I can’t wait to meet everyone,” Rollins said.

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