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A cook in King Arthur’s court

Dive into the imagination of King Arthur’s cook, maid and scullion (cook’s helper) during Vancouver’s Axis Theatre run of King Arthur’s Kitchen at the Westbury Theatre.

A banquet of heroism, battles, knights and magic surrounding Camelot’s favourite king’s birthday.

In King Arthur’s Kitchen, written by Leslie Miller, Arthur’s adventures are told through the eyes of a faithful kitchen maid, hard-working cook and newbie scullion.

Roderick, the scullion played by Chris Cook, wants to be a knight.

“I really love Roderick a lot,” Cook said. “He’s a bit of a dreamer and is kind of the rascal of the bunch.”

The play, set in the castle’s basement kitchen, uses kitchen utensils to represent mighty objects in Arthur’s legend.

“Lancelot is probably my favourite,” said Jeff Kaiser about playing five different characters including the cook.

“I’ve had the most of my creative input in him, I really like playing into him.”

Usually playing for smaller venues, the troop has toured since September with more than 220 presentations in schools and community centres. Their final performances will run until March 7, and then King Arthur’s Kitchen is expected to make its world tour in 2011.

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