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A crash course in wedding crashing

Like avenging your father’s death or protecting small towns from bandits, crashing weddings is part of a long list of risky behavior glorified by Hollywood.

Sure, it could be a fun way to spend an otherwise uneventful weekend, score some free drinks and maybe even discover romance, but if you get caught the only escort you’ll be walking out with is security.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for some thrills, now is a great time to strike. Even though June, September and October are the most popular months, wedding venues are already getting plenty of business.

“We have a lot coming up actually,” says Ann Corley, marketing director for East Wind in Wading River. “We have over four this weekend.”

According to eHow.com, the best way to get started is to take a look at the wedding announcements in a Sunday paper, then track down the perspective couple’s personal wedding website on The Knot’s community page to find out when and where they’re having their reception.

But if you’re the spontaneous type or cyber-stalking gives you the creeps, then simply drop in at one of Long Island’s popular wedding venues on a Saturday. Spots like Flowerfield in St. James and Fox Hollow in Woodbury hold several receptions throughout the day, but their most popular time is in the evening with receptions usually starting at 7 p.m.

Just be sure to dress appropriately. Nothing will give you away faster than a pair of khakis when everyone else is dressed in formal attire, according to wedding planner Christine Wheat, who has seen wedding crashers busted twice in her career.

“Our security took care of it,” says Wheat. “They were very obvious because they were not dressed for the occasion.”

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