A DIYer’s paradise – Metro US

A DIYer’s paradise

Name: Anna-Malin A-Lindgren

Occupation: Teacher and photographer. But she’s most known for her popular shelter blog, Helt Enkelt. heltenkelthosmig.blogspot.com

The space: An airy four-bedroom house that has a clean, yet rustic Scandinavian sensibility.

The city: Helsinborg, Sweden

It’s hard to believe A-Lindgreen has only been living in her new house for three and a half years along with her husband and two sons. “I’m at a point where I feel it’s time for something new,” she admits. She dreams of owning a country home and a café.

But for now, she settles for redecorating her current place, which looks perfect to us but is in a constant state of makeover. “I sometimes change the look of our home several times a month. I truly believe I’m never going to consider it finished,”?she adds.

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