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A ‘Dynasty’ built entirely of snow

Warren Miller’s ‘Dynasty’
Max Bervy
Cast: Jonny Moseley, Alexis Roland, Bryce Phillips
Grade: ?????

Over the past 60 years the folks of Warren Miller Entertainment have been the main source for a glimpse into the world of winter action sports. Miller’s work culminates with “Dynasty,” a world tour film presentation exploring the latest and greatest in skiing and snowboarding through his unique cinematography and the athletes’ stories.

For those out of touch with ski culture (like this writer), you can still appreciate “Dynasty” as it ignites the desire and passion to celebrate the burgeoning realm of winter sports through a rich melange of ’70s home videos, gold- medal Olympians, and the 10-year-old prodigy Alexis Roland, aka Snow White.

Though director Max Bervy provides an interesting portrait of ski culture, it can be a clunky one where thin anecdotes are too often diluted by strange camera angles, which quickly become irritating. But when done right, it captures the beauty, danger and euphoria of skiing. And it reveals the challenges and indescribable heights that this sport inspires.

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