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A Fling to remember

The tight harmonies on “What I’ve Seen,” the brand new EP from the Fling, may be the result of two of the singers being brothers, or it could be that they grew up on Lennon and McCartney.

“My dad is in a Beatles cover band,” reveals singer and bassist Graham Lovelis, who formed the band with his older brother, singer and guitarist Dustin, in Long Beach, Calif.

But Lovelis indicates that there might be another reason for the perfect blending of voices in their psychedelic sound. The band recently went from a situation where the Lovelis brothers wrote all of the songs to one where everyone works on the composition process together.

“I will say that it seems like a fluke that we have four people who sing in the perfect range and don’t really have to try,” he says. “It seems like everyone kind of fell into place.”

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