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A Goddess’ favorite sex accessories to spice up your adult playtime

Erotic educator and sex goddess Taylor Sparks started off making skin care for athletes. As part of their swinger lifestyle, Sparks and her husband have traveled the world and played in playrooms around the globe. One thing that bothered Sparks about the cruises, resorts and venues was the lack of natural products, like lubes without harmful chemicals.

Four years ago, the certified holistic aromatherapist took her background in organic chemistry and created two private label massage oils and body washes and launched Organic Lovin. Organic Lovin now carries 689 products that are organic, eco-friendly and not tested on animals.

“Because no one is actually taking care of the swinger community and the kink community and letting them know about these great products,” Sparks said, “like I said we’re eco-friendly, we only work with medical-grade silicone, glass, ceramic, sustainable wood, stainless steel…”

Wait, wood?

“We have some amazing sustainable wood dildos, girl, yes! You won’t get splinters,” Sparks told us at the 2017 Sex Expo in Brooklyn where she hosted a workshop “Making Good P-ssy Better.”

“When we started working with brands that are doing good, not just in their own community but even on a global scale and some of the toys we have are award-winning,” she added

What sets Organic Lovin apart, perhaps, are the more one-of-a-kind products like hand-blown glass butt plugs, vegan floggers and whips, rubber paddles and handmade ceramic dildos made with body-safe paint.

“We like the artisans that I know major stores won’t carry because they want 2,000 of [the products] and these artisans are not that,” Sparks told us while taking a breather in the Tenga media room at the Brooklyn Expo Center.

“They’re amazing but it’s like, you spend your time making this —they’re made with love —and that’s what I love about the artisans and I love to introduce them and their products to this community of people who are looking for something new or different.”

Some of Sparks’ favorite items aren’t for sale on the Organic Lovin website, since some of the pieces are so unique, but she shared a few of her favorite things with us. Check them out in the gallery above.

During Sparks’ Sex Expo workshop, she demonstrated how useful some of the “sex furniture” could be, like the Liberator black wedge pillow (with restraints and a blindfold)! Check out the (NSFW) videos below for a taste of “your favorite brown sugar girl’s” class.