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A letter from the editor: Sir Richard Branson

It’s been more than 40 years since I last edited Student Magazine, my first business venture, so I’m excited to be here in Metro’s editor seat. With news going online and onto tablets and across channels such as Virgin.com, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, even Instagram, content is still a big part of my life and I know yours, too. Thank you for choosing to spend your break or commute checking out what’s happening today that I find exciting and important.

Throughout the issue, the message you’ll hear is the rally cry of every entrepreneur: In problems, there are opportunities. What may seem impossible is an exciting challenge. For example: While other airlines cut costs, we at Virgin choose to improve choice and control with the best entertainment system, fleetwide WiFi, and gorgeous Clubhouses to enjoy airport wait times. When retail banks are shrinking their lending, Virgin Money is growing, putting people first and striving to make everyone better off. While businesses ignore people and planet in their zeal for profits, Virgin Unite sees a chance to start The B Team (bteam.org) to help businesses improve how they do business without losing their business. When the government uses a faulty process that risks the taxpayers millions of dollars, Virgin Trains and its customers speak up and demand a better, fairer process. What problem have you turned into an opportunity? Tweet me at @richardbranson: I’m listening.

Media today offers fresh conversation, where the reader isn’t the only one getting the message; the editor and staff listen and they respond. Listening and sharing ideas on different and better approaches to business and the world can make a wonderful difference in people’s lives. What we read every morning is a reminder to not sit on our hands and feel powerless but to jump up and seize the day. There are problems to turn into opportunities! So read on and see how you can contribute to making the world a better place.

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