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A lone Als fan in a sea of green

It’s not easy being red in a sea of green — especially if you’re an Alouettes fan.

But it was a little bit easier for Helen Lefebvre who with her Roughrider fan boyfriend, Jason Panter, drove, flew and drove some more all the way from Northwest Territories to cheer on opposing teams during the Grey Cup final.

“It’s actually kind of scary being one of the only Montreal fans, but it’s a little bit easier because I’m with a Roughrider fan,” she joked before the kickoff.

After Lefebvre bought the tickets two months ago for her boyfriend’s birthday, they drove together to Yellowknife where they flew to Edmonton and drove the rest of the way to Calgary for the game.

“We promised we could cheer for our teams but not rub it in each others faces when one of the teams does lose. It’s all in good fun,” Panter added.

Andre Paquin was another Montreal fan lost in the midst of watermelon heads at McMahon Stadium but shrugged off the teasing.

“They keep calling me a piñata but I said wait until after the game,” Paquin joked. “I watched them when I was a kid and it couldn’t be a better team here today.”

While some fans bantered back and forth, they said it was all in good fun.

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