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A lucky day for tourist

For one Vancouver woman, yesterday was her lucky day at the Calgary Stampede.

Tina Fazio and her family were walking past the WestJet booth when they decided to try their luck at a scratch ticket, free to anyone who would like to participate, and much to her surprise she actually won a free flight.

“I couldn’t believe it, I only scratched half the ticket and it said I won something but I had no idea I won a free flight,” she said just minutes afterwards. “I’m going to fly to Las Vegas.”

While Fazio won on her ticket, everyone is a winner even without scratching a free flight. WestJet is handing the tickets out, and even non-winners can still get either a 5 or 10 per cent discount, according to spokesperson Alyson Cameron.

“It’s been really busy and people are really receptive to what we’re doing so it’s been really positive,” Cameron said, adding there is an average of about five free flights given out per day.

Brad Davies didn’t win but said he appreciated the 10 per cent discount anyway.

“I just saw it was a free giveaway and I like free things, so I wanted one,” he added.

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