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A Mighty fine holiday

As the Mighty Mighty Bosstones prepare for what has become a reliable annual reunion, vocalist Dicky Barrett says there’s one reason that he’s glad he’s moved into a steady gig as the announcer on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and that being a rock star isn’t his full-time job anymore. The reason? Technology.

“It would be really difficult to be a full-on touring band these days,” Barrett says in his trademark gruff voice. “With YouTube and the Internet and all that stuff, you can’t really do the same show twice anymore, and back in 1995 we were doing the same thing so much that we’d end a song and I’d say the same thing every night, and from Cleveland to Pittsburgh they had no idea, but now people post on Twitter about it, and the entire set is up on YouTube, so I don’t envy the touring powerhouses of today. Or maybe they just say, ‘f— it,’ but we wouldn’t be able to.”

He says the eight guys that make up the hard ska band don’t have the luxury of going through the motions for their three-night stand at the House of Blues that is the “13th Hometown Throwdown,” because some fans buy tickets for all three shows. That means three full days of rehearsal.

“Last year we did three or four nights that were completely different,” he says. The years in L.A. have not polished all of the rough edges off his Boston accent. “I think we fit in over 100 songs. We’ll be doing close to that this year for the Throwdown. These shows are really important to us, so if we were just going out to the Midwest for three shows it would only take a day.”

Mighty Mighty Bosstones
13th Hometown Throwdown
Dec. 26-28
House of Blues
15 Lansdowne St., Boston
$25-$35, 800-745-3000

Other hot tickets

Zappa Plays Zappa
Sunday, 7 p.m.
House of Blues
If our Dad named us Dweezil, we’d be a little miffed, but Dweezil Zappa is so NOT miffed that he’s formed this tribute band to his dad, who would have been 70 this month. Some of the members played with Frank, others didn’t, but their fidelity to the material is A+.

Christmas Revels
Friday through Dec. 29
Sanders Theatre, Harvard University
This medieval-flavored theatrical/musical/every-thing performance celebrates the winter solstice. Granted, this change in the apparent movement of a giant ball of gas may not hold the same miraculous quality for us that it did for our ancestors, but how can you not be overjoyed that in a few months it won’t be dark by 4:30? That’s worth singing and dancing about.

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