A pint of Guinness done right – Metro US

A pint of Guinness done right

  1. Making sure the glass is clean and dry is Step 1 for Trevor Kallies, bartender at The New Oxford in Yaletown, who was taught by Guinness brew master Fergal Murray when Murray came to Vancouver from Ireland. “A branded glass, I feel, makes the beer taste just a little bit better,” Kallies says.
  2. Pour at a 45-degree angle with the beer just below the spout, but don’t let it touch the liquid inside or the glass. Aim the spout at the back of the label and fill to about two-thirds full.
  3. ­Patiently wait while it rests for approximately 119 seconds.
  4. Keep glass upright and slowly fill the remainder of the glass, noting that 22 millimetres of head is ideal.
  5. Place the label toward you to get yourself acquainted with the Guinness, and enjoy.

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