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A quick look at Edmonton’s city election candidates

Well, 143 days from now you’ll have the opportunity to mark the name of the person you want to represent you on city council. Except for Dave Thiele, the usual suspects will all be on the ballot. If you don’t know your new ward number, now is the time to find out. Check the city’s website.

The competition for mayor is unlikely to be much of a race. At this juncture, we have the current mayor and two new faces to choose from.

Andrew Lineker is a 32-year-old with large-L liberal leanings who, based on the information on his website, doesn’t currently have a job.

Daryl Bonar, also 32 years old and a veteran of two tours in Bosnia, has a more interesting background. Bonar is a 2nd lieutenant in the Canadian Forces and is serving as a community relations officer.

Jane Batty is running for re-election in the downtown ward. As far as I know, no one else has announced their intentions. Little wonder, given the gun play, stabbings, and assaults that have plagued the downtown recently. Like Lucy, Batty is going to have some ’splainin to do.

Ben Henderson, Batty’s co-councillor for the old Ward 4, will be running in Ward 8. I find that interesting since I don’t think he lives there. Currently, he is up against Hana Razga, who ran in the last election. Razga is yet another civic candidate who has a decidedly left agenda much more suited to a federal or provincial election.

Shane Bergdahl is currently the lone candidate in Ward 11. According to his website, he will bring experience, honesty and vision to the councillor’s job. He has long list of volunteer activities, but again no indication he actually has a job. Quite the optimist, Bergdhal thinks the Oilers will make the playoffs next year.

Linda Sloan is up against Andrew Knack and Jamie Post in Ward 1. Kack graduated from the U of A in 2006 and ran against Sloan in the last election. Post has an ambitious social agenda, but also doesn’t seem to have a job.

That’s some insight into what’s coming in October. Have I made your heart beat fast? Are you excited about marking your ballot yet?

It’s going to be interesting to see what the issues in the upcoming election are: Transit; crime; taxes; a new arena; homelessness; sustainability; potholes; or just plain voter apathy?

Terence Harding is a corporate communicator. He’s a keen observer of all things Edmonton; edmontonletters@metronews.ca.

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