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A splash of colour for your living space

An urban space should never be afraid of colour, and the model suite at Post House is no exception.

Designer Alex Chapman utilized a variety of influences to create a space aimed at first-time urban buyers that feels bright, modern and filled with fun.

“The whole flavour of the building is geared fairly strongly towards an urban living mix, so we wanted to appeal to that kind of buyer to convey that sense of a multi-functioning, eclectic, fun living environment,” Chapman said.

The kitchen features laminate flooring and a glass tile backsplash juxtaposed against stainless steel appliances for an edgy look. Combined with the wealth of colour Chapman added throughout the suite, the space feels urban and playful, ideally poised for a younger demographic.

“The younger audience wants to have a little more colour, they’re not quite so bound to being neutral. Colour does have a big impact and it’s a fun way to animate things and provide contrast. We wear colour every day so there’s no reason we can’t live with colour,” Chapman said.

Accessories were kept simple but plentiful to give the suite character and make it feel liveable.

“Accessorizing does have a sense of reality about it because we want people to imagine how it would feel to wake up in the suite. Your want to make people relate to the space so we chose things that were affordable and that people would actually buy, to make for an interesting gathering of objects,” Chapman said.

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