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A taste of Sweden right in North York

You probably know IKEA because half of your apartment is furnished in BILLY bookcases and ORGEL lamps.

But do you know its restaurant? The self-serve cafeteria style, which keeps the prices low, adds to the festive assemble-it-yourself feel of the place.

Swedish Meatballs are a no-brainer, so I get 10 ($4.99) with mashed potatoes and ligonberry sauce. The juicy meatballs and light, airy mashed potatoes with creamy gravy and cranberry-like sauce make the dish feel like Swedish Thanksgiving!

The Stuffed Salmon has run out (already?), so Chicken with Vegetable Pasta ($6.99) it is. The grilled chicken breast is big. Too bad it’s overcooked and accompanied by a strange tangy sauce. The overcooked pasta is rescued by fresh spring vegetables and a bright, herbaceous sauce.

To round out the meal, a slice of Almond Cake ($1.49), please. The moist cake is surprisingly light.

You certainly get your money’s worth. And no assembly required.

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