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A taste of Taiwan at Wang’s Noodle House

I spent last week eating my way through Taiwan, a trip you’ll be reading about in coming days. With Taiwan’s National Day on Sunday, there’s perfectly delicious Taiwanese food to be had right here.

Like the classic beef noodle soup dish ($6.50) at Wang’s Noodle House. A good beef noodle can be the subject of heated debate, if my relatives are any indication. But even they would agree the meaty, slightly spicy broth ranks among the best. Get house-made noodles thick (the way I like ’em) or thin, or with vermicelli or rice noodles. The beef brisket is cooked till the tendons are melting. The cilantro, green onion and pickled vegetable toppings are perfect to cut through the richness.

Order the small version. The large ($7.50) should be left to sumo wrestlers.

Plus, that way you can order sides, like the fried pork dumplings ($5.50). The open structure still captures the juices left behind from the cooking meat, which the thick dumpling skin soaks up. It’s a pouch of savoury heaven.

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