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A way to ‘beat’ the fare hike

Don’t despair, New Yorkers: There is a way to beat the upcoming fare hike. And it’s perfectly legal.

Riders can stock up on Pay-Per-Ride MetroCards. Right now, it’s only $8 to get a discount of 15 percent when you buy those MetroCards. But after Dec. 30, the day the fare hike goes into effect, you’ll have to put in $10 to get a bonus that shrinks to a mere 7 percent.

But the current, cheaper MetroCards will still be valid all next year. Once the money is on the cards, it’s on for good.

Riders can only save $102 a year, but it still may feel good for some to stick it to the MTA.

“I would definitely do it, it’s a good idea,” said Joe Kelly, 51, as he refilled his Pay-Per-Ride card at the Wall Street 2/3 stop. “It’s not like we’re getting anything in return for this fare hike.”

“It’s something we’ll monitor,” said MTA spokesperson Kevin Ortiz of possible stockpiling.
Just don’t try to stock up on unlimited weekly and monthly MetroCards before their fare is jacked up — to $29 and $104 respectively. Those cards purchased this year must be swiped sometime in the beginning of next year, most likely midway through January, in order to still be valid, said Ortiz.

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