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A wide divide remains

Last week, outlets across the country reported that the Canadian Soccer Association had sent a proposal to the Women’s Head Coach Carolina Morace in hopes she would remain with the team until at least the London Olympics in 2012.

This past Saturday, Morace told Noel Butler on Oranges at Halftime that the players had received a proposal for financial compensation but that she was still waiting to hear from the CSA and stated that, “President Maestracci has confused the issues.”

Go listen to the full interview where she speaks about the lack of links between the youth programs, professional clubs and national team programs and also the need for Canada to get behind the women in the lead up to the World Cup but the part that pertains to her future with the CSA and her contract begins at 12:50.

Butler asks her about those reports and at the status of her negotiations with the CSA and she responded in frank terms.

“I want to clarify, I think that President Maestracci has confused the issues of the players with my issues. These are two different issues. Of course, the players have their request but that is not my business. And no it’s not true. I think that maybe federation is waiting for an answer from the players but not from me because it is actually opposite. I am waiting for what I ask and I am waiting on them”

She is then asked what it is she is waiting for.

To respect my contract. There is no economic nature to my request. It is just to respect my contract.

I urge you to go listen to the full interview because despite appearances on this side of the ocean that the two sides (Morace and the CSA) are getting close to a resolution, a divide – communication or otherwise – clearly remains for those in Rome.

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