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Aaron Carter confuses racism and jealousy

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In a bid for relevancy, Aaron Carter is telling everyone who will listen why exactly he got punched in the head this weekend.

The former teenybopper — whose greatest claim to fame is having dated Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff, maybe at the same time — was attacked after a concert in Illinois. According to Perez Hilton, ILL State, a Hispanic musician, punched the 29-year-old twice for taunting him by saying, “Bye Felipe.”

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Fans jumped to Carter’s defense when media outlets criticized him for being racist.

But also? He can’t be racist because he has Mexican friends, okay?

“[I have a] 100% Mexican manager and she is basically my adopted mom. And my ex girlfriend Myra 3rd generation Mexican,” he wrote, even though we all know Myra did not ask to be dragged into this.

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It’s also common knowledge that the best way to convince people that you’re not racist is to remind everyone you have a vague grasp of another language, so he continued: “I also learned Spanish so I could speak with her parents who weren’t fluent in English.” BYE, AARON.

This isn’t the first time Carter started drama for no reason. In 2013, he made up a fantastical tale about being beat up by grown men who happened to be New Kids On The Block stans. That’s literally the best thing he could come up with.

Ignorance really is such sweet bliss.

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