Aaron Rodgers NFL Trade Rumors Packers Rams: Seeds planted - Metro US

Aaron Rodgers NFL Trade Rumors Packers Rams: Seeds planted

Aaron Rodgers NFL Trade Rumors Packers Rams

Much of the NFL offseason drama has been focused on the now-awkward relationship between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick but there is another legendary quarterback in the league who isn’t exactly glowing about his current situation. Aaron Rodgers was one disgruntled cat in early 2018, as he was furious that the Packers did not consult with him before dumping his favorite wide receiver in Jordy Nelson and his quarterbacks coach, Alex Van Pelt. Around the time of the Super Bowl, Rodgers also made it clear that he does not think it’s a guarantee that he’ll finish his career in Green Bay with the Packers. Aaron Rodgers NFL Trade Rumors Packers Rams could eventually come to fruition.

“I think you have to be humble enough to realize if it could happen to Brett (Favre), it can happen to you,” Rodgers said.

The big difference between the Packers’ situation now with Rodgers and the situation with Favre a decade ago is that 10 years ago Green Bay had a young stud in-waiting, Rodgers, breathing down Favre’s neck. None in the group of DeShone Kizer, Brett Hundley and Tim Boyle exactly scream future Hall of Famer – so it’s most likely that Rodgers’ successor in Green Bay is still in high school.

The Packers are in no rush to give Rodgers a pay increase right now as they have him locked down to a relatively team-friendly contract. But given the deals Kirk Cousins and Matt Ryan just signed, Rodgers is no doubt disgruntled. The latest news coming out of Green Bay has the Packers and Rodgers at a “standstill” regarding his next contract.

Aaron Rodgers NFL Trade Rumors Packers Rams seeds

Sports Illustrated’s Andrew Brandt outlined this week that the real problem here is the current contract.

“This is the unavoidable rub, if you will, of this negotiation from Aaron’s side,” Brandt wrote. “It’s the one that has me thinking that common ground ultimately won’t be reached in this negotiation, at least not this year.

“As I know firsthand from my history negotiating contracts there, the Packers are as proactive as any team in the league in securing contract extensions with core players. They were typically proactive with Rodgers with his previous extension, and are attempting to be so again. Completing early extensions gives players like Rodgers emotional and financial security, but ultimately they are better for the team in providing their own stability and, more importantly, leverage in future negotiations. And now the Packers are able to discuss an extension knowing Rodgers is under contract for two seasons (or more) whether they do a deal or not. Thus, while the best player – and one of the best people – in the sport has some leverage due to his extraordinary value, it is the Packers – not Rodgers – who ultimately holds the cards with two years remaining on the existing contract. (Plus the potential of a future tag after that.)”

No, the Packers aren’t going to trade Rodgers this year. I’d bet my house they won’t trade him next year either.

But by 2020 we could be singing a different song. Rodgers will be 36 then, and that’s also around the time the Los Angeles Rams will be in salary cap hell with Jared Goff. Goff will be looking for a new deal, is set to be an unrestricted free agent in 2021, and could become a cap casualty in Los Angeles even if the Rams perform up to expectations over the next few years.


Aaron Rodgers NFL Trade Rumors Packers Rams: Seeds planted

The Rams just re-upped with running back Todd Gurley for monster money on Tuesday and he is locked in for the next six seasons. Meanwhile, they’re already having contract squabbles with Aaron Donald.

The Rams are one of the more combustible franchises in the NFL right now as they are clearly loading up for a Super Bowl run this year in hopes of getting fans to buy into the product before their new stadium opens in 2020.

If the Rams are a mess in two or three years, they may have to settle on signing or trading for a veteran QB on the cheap as opposed to throwing gobs of money at Goff. Aaron Rodgers NFL Trade Rumors Packers Rams would be the obvious fit, as he is a California guy through and through.

No league changes year to year like the NFL. Rodgers’ status with the Packers, and the current status of the Rams will almost certainly look drastically different two years from now than it does right now. Aaron Rodgers NFL Trade Rumors Packers Rams will certainly heat up if Rodgers continues to be injury prone and if things go south in Los Angeles.

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