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Abby Lee Miller responds to sentencing, is delusional

Abby Lee Miller has spoken out about her recent sentencing. And honestly if you know anything about her, it will not at all take you by surprise.

After being sentenced to one year in jail for bankruptcy fraud, the scary lady from “Dance Moms” did what anybody else in her position would do: She talked to Entertainment Tonight.

“I feel relieved,” she told reporters, steps outside of the courthouse where she met her doom.”I feel peaceful.”

ET posits that she probably feels peaceful AF because she’s already pitching a show about her glamorous jail experience. This is a woman who very decidedly has no chill.

“I have been so very successful – maybe that’ll be some time to work,” she said. “There’s dancing in it!”

Still, she knows that prison could be more “Oz,” and less “Orange is the New Black” feel me? “There’s a few physical limitations, dietary limitations [in prison], of course, but it’ll be OK,” she said. She also told reporters that she’s not sure how working with the other women will be every day. “It’s a realm of the world I know nothing about. I just know what I know and I do the best I can.”

So she’s worried about the food and about being in a room full of women. This lady is — pardon my use of old timey slang — trippin’.

The 50-year-old pleaded guilty to various charges of fraud and violating currency laws last year. Yesterday, she was sentenced to one year and one day in federal prison, followed by two years supervised release.

ET also reports that Chief Judge Joy Flowers ruled that Miller will have to pay $40,000 in fines in addition to her sentence.

Here’s hoping her delusion will serve her well in prison and she’ll become some sort of Mama Morton character. You know, as played by Queen Latifah in Chicago. And that’s the last pop culture prison reference I got.

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