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Abusing the Hall Pass gets you a ‘spanking’: Farrelly

“We thought it was a very, very funny idea about the sacred institution of marriage. We’re both married guys.” says Bobby Farrelly.

Filmmaking siblings Peter and Bobby Farrelly’s new R-rated comedy Hall Pass asks what would happen if married couples had sexual vacations from each other with no consequences.

It’s the Farrellys’ first foray into the family milieu, but their signature looney, misguided, sex-mad, and bodily function crazed worldview remains intact.

Owen Wilson and Jenna Fischer, and Christina Applegate and Jason Sudeikis are on hall passes. The men are ecstatic until their wives jump in, just as eager to participate. Hijinks are too lewd and crude to repeat here, but it’s a sexual free-for-all.

Applegate’s character goes the furthest, hooking up with a young guy who dumps her for being “too old.” Her punishment is Farrell-esque.

“She crosses the line and has to pay the price. She went to places she felt she shouldn’t have gone, so she needed to get a little bit of a spanking.”

Farrelly says there’s a strong moral code within the crudity. “We want it to be beneath the gags. We want to have a sweet story with a nice ending so people walk out and there has been a positive story told. The big jokes and pratfalls camouflage it”.

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