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Accused child molester Roy Moore sits for interview with 12 year old

Roy Moore Millie March Interview
Photo: Facebook / America First Project

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been accused of molesting a girl as young as 14, emerged from a press blackout to do an interview with a 12-year-old girl on Sunday.

That actual thing that legitimately happened was posted to the Facebook page of the pro-Trump group America First Project, which was formed by Breitbart staffers. The interviewer, 12-year-old Millie March, drew national attention after she praised President Trump’s border-wall plans at the Conservative Political Action Conference last February.

In the nearly six-minute-long interview, March asked Moore about what he thinks Alabama voters care about, what qualities he thought made a “really really good senator,” and whether he would “help [Trump] build the wall.”

Moore told March he supports the wall and said that illegal immigration could be stopped sooner with military intervention. He also advocated for religious liberty and a tax on consumption.

Former Breitbart reporter Jennifer Lawrence introduced the interview, saying that America First brought March to Alabama to show “that there is a wide-range of people who support Judge Roy Moore.”

Democratic strategist Paul Begala called it “appalling” and “shocking.”

“The fact that he’s accused of sexual assaulting a 14-year-old girl, would sit down and do an interview with a 12-year-old, when he’s not talking to any journalists—it’s like he’s rubbing Alabamians’ noses in it,” he said.

See Millie March, 12, interview Roy Moore below



The special election for the Senate seat previously held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions is being held today in Alabama. Moore was widely criticized for his extreme-right views — including that homosexuality should be illegal and Muslims shouldn’t serve in Congress — even before he was accused of nine women of sexual misconduct, many of whom say they were minors when it occurred.

He has kept a low profile, declining debates, public events and all interviews as disclosures continued to roll out, including that he said last September that the last time America was great was during slavery, and that if Constitutional amendments after the 10th Amendment were eliminated, it would “eliminate many problems.” Those amendments gave women the right to vote and outlawed slavery, among other things.


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